Traditional Web Design
Traditional Web DesigN tried and true METHOD
Website Design has become vital to every business in the modern era. A website acts as a digital business card for anyone with a mobile device. Almost all businesses are searched for and found with search engines.

It takes more than a little “Digital Magic” to make a website. Web designers, developers, content writers, and user experience designers take the research done on the scope and field of the client and begin structuring a solution. This solution is geared to deliver a specific result. This result may be the purchase of a product, a quote for service or to set up a meeting. This result can be any number of things.

Traditional Website Design
4 Pillars of Traditional Design


Evaluate the current website data, and create a strategy with the high impact change based on the data.


With the new strategy, I alter the design and develop UX changes based on the user behavior.


Collect new client data after UX design changes, and analyze for evaluation.

SEO Value

Take the newly analyzed data from the previous phase, and begin again at strategy phase
Benefits of
Having a website
Do you have a business and don’t have a site? On the off chance that you said yes, it’s as though your company doesn’t exist. In this present day time, individuals and organizations are on the web for data. People visit a site to discover more about you and your business. You need a site for your clients. It needs to contain information about what you can accomplish for them. Here are some advantages of having a site for your business:
“Websites promote
you 24/7:
No employee
will do that.”

Paul Cookson

People find your Business

Every day billions of people worldwide rely on the internet to find products and services they need. Having a website includes you in that search.

Business Credibility

In a generation of Mobile devices, having a website is how people check and see if a business is legitimate.

Marketing and Sales Tool

Business websites allow for sales to be converted at a much higher rate than traditional sales methods through analytics and information gathering