Sanborn Typography Design


Project Description

These typographical designs were made based on the Sanborn Insurance map covers of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The maps were used for fire zoning, in many counties across the country. They average on a size of 2’x3′ and were hand drawn.

The Challenge

Several clients asked for a typography based design for the holidays to give to there families as Holiday gifts. The first two clients asked about having them resemble the Sanborn Insurance Fire Maps of the late 1800s. After there creation, several more clients contacted me through word of mouth.

The Solution

I was able to recreate the same look and appearance as the samples while creating different designs for each client’s particular need. Almost every client came to me with a different city’s design they found, while wanting different elements. Some asked for more simplified designs and other wanted them just as ellaborate.  

Project Details

Client: Various Skills:
  • Typography Layout
  • Print Layout





hours involved

Unique Gifts

Want to see actual Sanborns?

Here is a Small group of the maps that existed, almost every town at that time had a fire insurance zoning map through the Sanborn-Perris Map company.

Want to give a unique gift?

Is this close to an idea you have? Tell me about and we can get the ball rolling.  I want to help you make it happen.