Emerson Autobody


Project Description

This is a branding package for Emerson AutoBody garage in Corry, PA. They are in the process of acquiring a business license; however, they needed a business plan and brand identity before they could file for a business license. The owner wanted it to have a vintage race, grand prix feel.

The Challenge

The Client wanted a vintage/classic car feel with a specific style of font and Typography. After researching his request further, I realized that the lettering he liked was custom made.

The Solution

I re-created the font by hand, then vectorized it. I then added the additional element at the bottom the balance the design, and add more character.

Project Details

Client: Emerson AutoBody Skills:
  • Hand Lettering
  • Vecotrization


Hand Lettering


Vector Recreation

Day Turnaround

Body Shop Logo

The Logo Applications

The gallery to the right shows several different uses of the logo.
  • Shirt Embroidery
  • Business Cards
  • A die cast in steel

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