Clean Energy Resources, LLC.

Project Description

Clean Energy Resources is a centralized hub based around helping clients apply the idea of renewable clean energy to their home or business. With years of experience and a broad network within the energy and environmental sectors, Clean Energy resources can plan and mange any form of clean energy implementation that comes to mind.  

The Challenge

The Client approached me about creating  a complete package for his start up company. It involved a logo, business cards/stationary, and worpress website.  The company needed to appear as a central information point for anyone interested in clean energy, and also demonstrate a knowledge of the field.  

My Role

After several meetings we established that a clean professional company identity would be the best route to take. Since the main focus is to “point clients in the right direction”, I based the logo around a compass star design.  With that in place, I was able to build a wordpress website for potential clients to reach out and see what all CER could offer them.


1 -2 Months



Clean Energy?

Starting up?

When you’re looking for someone to help with the design of your corporate logo and website you entrust a professional that is attentive, creative, and timely. Dylan Roush of MrD Studios is all that. Nobody has done a better job of first listening to my thoughts, goals and desires for my company logo and website. He then showed great creative initiative in the design process. There was no need for hand holding or prodding. The finished product is something I am very proud to have representing my company. Thank you!
Greg Winks

Owner, Clean Energy Resources