Betty Bones Inc


Project Description

Betty Bones is an Alternative Clothing boutique specializing in vintage pinup apparel. Betty Bones sells handmade accessories, vintage & and new apparel, art, and knick knacks. A lot of the items are hand-made. The Owner was formerly posting items on tumblr as a means of marketing, and I noticed she seemed to not have any branding. I approached her to offer my services. She informed me see was actually interested in my offer and wanted to move forward.

The Challenge

The hardest part was creating an identity for Betty Bones, without knowing what the majority of the item for sale looked like, or what elements to use from the genre of Kustom Kulture. An additional challenge for this project was the inability to meet since my client resided in California, and I am based in Pittsburgh.  

The Solution

I worked with the client to establish a list of specific elements she deems as “must haves” in order to express her style. The list included Pinup(s), Bats, Skulls/Bones, Pink, and Bright colors. I created a pink, teal, white combination of these elements with a “teeny bopper/old Diner” feel. I had to create both a horizontal and vertical orientation for the logo, since she wanted it to be printable, and website useability. To bridge the communication gap we used several different means: email, messenger clients, and Text and Photo Messages.

Project Details

Client: Betty Bones Skills:
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Research


Design Development



Day Turnaround

Vintage Betty

Wanna Wear the Wears?

  There are all kinds of items over at Betty Bones. Accessories, Jewelry, Clothing, Lingerie, Shoes, one of a kind prints, and so much more.  

Have your own Wears?

  Is this close to an idea you have? Tell me about and we can get the ball rolling.  I want to help you make it happen.