Apocalypse Run

Project Description

The Apocalypse Run is a themed mud/obstacle 5k run. It is designed for beginner and intermediate level mud runners. The short 5k distance over both roads and trails, with 7-10 low difficulty obstacles, provides an excellent opportunity for the runner who has been wanting to try their feet at a mud/obstacle run.  

The Challenge

The Client approached me about creating a site for a 5k mud run event with an apocalypse theme. With the only piece of established design being the logo, the project was open to interpretation. I sat down with with client and discussed what all they wanted the site to do. We established they needed a ground up build for the site. A “Mad Max” and “Book of Eli” appearance was their main inspiration for overall presentation.  

My Role

After watching both movies (as a refresher), I drafted a layout with a grungy, eroded feel with a clean type design. Most photography is original – provided by Brandon Paul Donnelly Photography.  


3 weeks of work  



Can you Survive?

Having an event?

Mr. D Studios provided a high quality website for ShadowLands Industries production of The Apocalypse Run. Dylan was able to take our abstract vision and bring it to life just as we had envisioned it. Plus, he dedicated many hours to tweaking everything just as we wanted it. We’ll definitely be returning to Mr. D Studios for any future productions we do.
Damon Marraccini

Owner, Shadowland Industries