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Project Process RoadmapPING

“Those who fail to plan, are only planning to fail.”


It’s easy to get lost in the undertaking of any project and the many steps along the way.  That’s why from day one, it is critical to have a plan and to develop a roadmap. The 6 step process of Mr. D Studios, LLC has been used and repeated since 2008 because it works.

Step 1 : Discovery

Every business or project starts with a spark. Spark of energy. Spark of passion. Spark of creativity. However, many of these great ideas are often under planned because many people don’t realize everything that goes into bringing that idea to life.

We’ll help you lay the proper groundwork, gather requirements, define the scope, and dive into information architecture.

Step 2 : Planning

Your new brand and website begin with a thorough, up-front process of discovery. We develop a series of deliverables that allows us to work efficiently through the duration of the production. Your project’s success depends on a solid foundation, this work is crucial.

Step 3 : Design

A  brand and website is the heart and soul of every organization. To create results that are not only professional but effective goes beyond just creativity. We take the time to dig deep into the sector of the project and gather as much knowledge as possible. This process is how we create educated and informed concepts that are refined and truly unique.

Step 4 : Build

Prototyping is the design verification phase of Product Development — used to demonstrate or prove aspects of a design. Prototyping is simply taking the design from the researched mock-up into a built product the can be used and interacted with by users.

Step 5 : Go LIve

The finished product is tested, reviewed, and you’re ready to launch, but once the site is launched, the project isn’t over — you should be prepared to address feedback from users adapting to the project. Expect to make some immediate changes to the site (such as fixing broken links, editing copy and etc.) Change is inevitable because web is ongoing.

Step 6 : Updates and Maintenance

Over time things change. Hours, information, team members and many others can result in areas that need to be updated on your brand assets and website. However, as a business ourselves we know not every business owner has the time to wear the extra hat and update thing themselves. Mr. D Studios, LLC process is designed to pick up the extra slack.


“Sometimes the biggest obstacle for entertainers is that, while we are exceptionally good at putting all of our heart and soul into what we create, we are exceptionally bad at certain other aspects of creativity. I needed an iconic design for our VIP laminates for The Whiskey Brothers Kickstarter reward, and I knew we wanted it to be special. Dylan was able to take my limited instructions – with a basic understanding of what we do and who our audience is – and absolutely nailed it quickly and perfectly. I think we went through maybe one color revision. I’ve dealt with a lot of fly-by-night people in this industry, and it was refreshing to work with someone who was both respectful of my timetable AND has the artistic chops to pull it off. I definitely have a new go-to for my design work.”
Slade Ham
Mr. D Studios provided a high-quality website for ShadowLand Industries production of The Apocalypse Run. Dylan was able to take our abstract vision and bring it to life just as we had envisioned it. Plus, he dedicated many hours to tweaking everything just as we wanted it. We’ll definitely be returning to Mr. D Studios for any future productions we do.
Damon Marraccini

Network = Networth

Mr. D Studios, LLC is proud to have a partnership network that allows us to connect clients to a variety of services. Our partnerships include services like custom video, photography, and application development. It also allows us to connect clients to non-digital services from sustainability plan implementation, event volunteer organizations, even custom-made products or goods.

CLient input

We move through projects in a goal-oriented way, using the best project management tools and techniques. Our methods of project management allow for complete client transparency and open communication through every phase of the project. The end result is a complete design that the client is not only comfortable with but is proud to stand behind.