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Different Pricing Methods

One of the biggest issues with freelancing and consulting is pricing. There are all kinds of people with different opinions on what is best. After years of design there seems to be three main types of pricing: Flat, Return On Investment (ROI), and Need Based. It is hard to determine which is really best. Below I will give you some of the pros and cons of each, and you can ultimately decide which is best for your business. read more

Communication: Have Patience

I wanted to share this with everyone since many businesses I work with (both clients and partnerships) do all use the same communication methods.  I know that seems really obvious to most readers but after thinking about it, there maybe things you don’t always...

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Statistics VS Data

Aside form my consulting work, I service as the head of corporate design for a large company here in Pennsylvania. I had a discussion with one of my fellow coworkers over a project involving infographics.The “heated discussion” arose when I received stacks of data...

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Network = Net worth

**Let me start by saying this is a lengthy discussion point, since it can get rather elaborate in the directions of its general interpretations.** I heard this quote from Jim Rohn about a year or so ago, he stated that “Your network is your net worth.” Although I...

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Photoshop: Can But Shouldn't

Recently I was working with a client, and She requested a clean basic logo for another project. So i did the usual, look up other, made some sketches, and slapped it in illustrator. Done. I got this. Then it happened. She sends me a message along the lines of “My...

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Relaunching the Brand

The decision to relaunch the brand was not as difficult as I first anticipated. I weighed heavily on the choice of refreshing/re-skinning the old site, or starting from scratch. After researching other well known sites, like Visage and Hubspot, it was clear that while...

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