Form + Function = SOlutions

Solutions designed for purpose. Your purpose.


Planning and User Experience

Every business or project starts with a spark. Spark of energy. Spark of passion. Spark of creativity. However, many of these great ideas are often under planned because many people don’t realize everything that goes into bringing that idea to life. That’s where sitting down and planning both the seen and unforeseen aspects of a business can make a huge difference.

We’ll help you lay the proper groundwork, gather requirements, define the scope, and dive into information architecture.

  • Discuss the Idea
  • Create a General Brand Strategy
  • Understand the Preferred Target Audience


I analyze the your sector, gather references and research both direct and indirect competitors. This research helps me create a clean design that is both interactive and focused on helping your project grow.
  • Evaluate Sector
  • Analyze Competition and Clients
  • Narrow Focus of Brand Strategy

Build Demo

Prototyping is the design verification phase of Product Development — used to demonstrate or prove aspects of a design. Prototyping is simply taking the design from the researched mock-up into a built product the can be used and interacted with by users.
  • Beta Testing Stage
  • Interact with the Product
  • Make Refinements as Needed


The finished product is tested, reviewed, and you’re ready to launch, but once the site is launched, the project isn’t over — you should be prepared to address feedback from users adapting to the project. Expect to make some immediate changes to the site (such as fixing broken links, editing copy and etc.) Change is inevitable because web is ongoing.
  • Launch Product/Site
  • Gather User Feedback
  • Adapt by making Changes
Why the 4 steps work:

Roadmap Based on Smart Goals

I utilize SMART goals to establish milestones and create a road map. The road map in turn allows you to gather the key stakeholders in your project and collectively figure out a timeline, who is responsible for which elements of the project, and makes the milestones measurable maintain the direction on a project.

Network = Net Worth

With a wide network of professionals on hand and the different needs of business,  I am able to offer those services to clients at a much lower rate than competitors without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. I also aim to include clients into our network, creating a new resource for us as well as incoming business for the clients.

Create with Passion

Even though every project has a means of focus and direction, I always pour my passion into everything I do. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, then you aren’t doing the right thing. Passion is what drives toward perfection while working with clients.