MARKETING media Mercenary

Dylan %22Mr. D%22 Roush


As a designer fascinated by the psychology of design, I am constantly in search of new trends and techniques within graphic and web design. This is what helps me create solutions for clients that get results.  Being based out of Pittsburgh, I have watched and become a part of the technological rebirth of the Steel City. However, modern technology has made it possible for me to work across the United States with clients in Texas, California, Florida, and Ohio.

Beyond the Business

Outside of Mr. D Studio, I have several hobbies in the performance arts – including standup comedy, Voice Over, and playing the drums. I am planning to venture into audio engineering over the next several years.

Well Oiled Machine

Every element included in my work is used for a reason. Every design I create or website I build is for the sole purpose of growing your business. Like a machine.

A Growing Asset

I believe a website isn’t an over-and-done purchase; it’s a process. The moment your site goes live, it becomes a powerful business asset. Much like your business, your website has to grow and evolve over time.