Reflection Causing a Change in Direction

by | May 18, 2015 | Business, Mr. D's Perspective, news | 0 comments

So I have been Broadcasting radio silence over the last several weeks with the blog, and I apologize. The biggest reason for doing so is I have started to change the way i look at business. Although I am a “Creative Consultant” as the market refers to people in my field, I feel that what Mr D studios stands for needs to evolve beyond myself. I recently join – A very fun and engaging community for modern entrepreneurs – I have started to interact with my core group of potential clients. Fizzle consists of Business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies that are aiming to move forward with a business idea. Many of whom have concerns with starting the collaborative process with a Graphic Design and/or Creative Consultant. For over 5 years now Mr D Studios has been a great outlet for me to demonstrate my skills to potential new businesses. However, with a vast amount (over 20 pages) of feedback from the business owners in Fizzle, I have come to realize I missed the boat.  

Every single person who gave me feedback in someway or another made one key point:

What can you do for me and/or my business directly?

  So over the last several weeks and the next few coming up, I will be working in my spare time to answer this question for new visitors. This will take a back seat of course to my existing customers’ needs. While I have a rough Idea of what this will entail, I am not actually sure how much really needs changed. Please bare with me and Mr D Studios as we start to grow a way to better serve you, the client.