Recently I was working with a client, and She requested a clean basic logo for another project. So i did the usual, look up other, made some sketches, and slapped it in illustrator. Done. I got this. Then it happened. She sends me a message along the lines of “My business partner does want me to pay for this, so he is going to make it in photoshop.” At first I  reacted the most human way possible. I WAS PISSED. The F-word was thrown around my office like a bouncy ball out of  a paintball gun.  But then I started to cool down and think about the reasons it made me as mad as it did. Was my work not to par? – No. or at least i don’t believe so. Did I charge too much? – No. we hadn’t discussed price. Maybe it was how much time i wasted. In design I  don’t believe there is such thing as wasted time. So that left me with one possible reason. I think it was the fact that I brought all my knowledge and experience to the project, The dos and dont’s. The things to know with the constantly changing digital landscape. That being said, my mind went reeling about this. Take said logo and apply it to a site. Now this site has to work on not only a desktop, but also a tablet and a high resolution retina display. So now this logo that was 100px by 75px, now has to be 200px by 150px. but wait, phones are bigger with apples new releases. 3x retina display means that 100px by 75 px logo now has to be the pixel perfect size of 300 by 225. and that is just the logo. Does her business partner know this when he uses photoshop? Not saying he doesn’t, He may, hell he might be a photoshop expert. Yet the other side of the coin says he may only run at this level: Yeah it’s bad. So once i accepted all this I realized that this project won’t come back around. Shitty. But I can share this experience with others. It’s not your fault, nor is it the clients. Most times, they just don’t know any better. That’s why WE are the specialists. That’s why WE have the obnoxious amounts of debt. All you can do guide your client in the right direction, but you can’t force them to drive that road. Let me know what you guys think.